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We Will Strengthen Catholic Education in Our Diocese

In order to form young disciples in the twenty-first century, we look to our Catholic schools as a primary resource to form our children in the Catholic faith. Through our efforts we will enable thousands of young people to grow in their faith and boldly proclaim Christ.

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Catholic School Growth and Development Fund

$7 Million

We recognize that as our diocese continues to grow there will be additional needs for new schools, and our existing schools need improvements. Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante will continue to provide the high-quality formation and education for the youngest members of our faith through:

  • Seed money for new Catholic schools

  • Funds for the growth & development of existing Catholic schools

  • Funding for unanticipated critical needs for Catholic schools

Questions about Funding Our Catholic Schools

My children have graduated from school. Why is this important to me?2017-02-01T16:49:04+00:00

Our children are the future of our society, and their formation in Catholic school is critical to the ways in which they will live out their Catholic faith beyond school, through college, and into adulthood. Although you or others may not have children in school, the students who will be educated at our Catholic schools will become pivotal members of our society who will be shaping our culture and communities for Christ.

How do Catholic Schools stack up against public, private, and charter schools?2017-01-26T23:07:10+00:00

Catholic school students work hard.  Nationwide, 99% graduate high school.  97% go on to post secondary school  or the military.

Catholic school graduates rate among some of the highest scholarship recipients for colleges and universities because of their scholastic averages.

Catholic school graduates are ranked #1 in the percentage of grads who actively participate in civic and community activities such as charitable giving, voting,  volunteering and the like.

Catholic school graduates have a strong spiritual and moral foundation.  They are good for the family,  good for the community and good for businesses.

Which schools will receive funding?2017-02-01T16:26:01+00:00

The various strategic planning committees for the Diocese of Phoenix, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, and the Vicar General will discuss the needs of the various schools and make recommendations to Bishop.

Catholic Education Makes the Grade

We are proud of our Catholic schools. From the rich faith tradition to leading academics, Catholic education brings Christ to the whole person. Together, let us provide vital resources for new and existing schools so they may continue their mission.

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