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Francis Mercy Fund

$7 Million

The Francis Mercy Fund partners with some of the Apostolates of the Diocese of Phoenix who are on the front lines, serving those most in need. Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante will show God’s love and mercy by serving the poor, the marginalized and the elderly.

Each of these organizations has been hand-selected by Bishop Olmsted to carry out the work of bringing the Good News through healing, comfort, and hope in intentional ways throughout our Diocese. Unlike the Charity and Development Appeal (or CDA), the funds from this campaign will be used for specific, planned major projects that will empower these organizations to serve in an even greater way.

Questions about these Ministries

Where do priests currently go after retirement?2017-09-20T17:59:40+00:00

Many priests choose to live alone in private residences or with family as the Diocese does not currently provide housing, and for some priests this is real challenge. Regina Cleri will allow for the opportunity for many priests to make the choice to live in intentional community with their brother priests who they have served with for the past several decades.

What if I support these organizations already?2017-02-01T16:18:20+00:00

Thank you for your support to one or many of these great organizations! Your gift to this campaign allows for additional support, united with fellow Catholics of the Diocese, to assist in a much broader capacity.

How are these organizations different than government services or other NGOs?2017-02-01T16:18:02+00:00

Each organization is totally committed to our Catholic faith in every area of their work. Unlike other organizations that focus on simply societal change, members of the Francis Mercy Fund commit to the whole person: mind, body, and spirit as Christ gave the example for His followers.