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We Will Assist Families Afford Catholic Education

A quality Catholic education should never be out of reach, and yet many families around our Diocese struggle to enroll their children in Catholic schools. An investment in the Campaign means an investment in the lives of young disciples and their families.

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Catholic School Tuition Assistance

$4 Million

Pope St. John Paul II said, “To educate in the truth, and for genuine freedom and evangelical love, is at the very heart of the Church’s mission. Catholic schools have a critical role to play in leading the younger generation to realize that freedom consists above all in being able to respond to the demands of the truth…”

In dedication to this essential part of the mission of the Church, $4 million is allocated to providing scholarship to families with financial needs, particularly our working middle-class families who often find themselves having to make the difficult choice between providing a Catholic education for their children and meeting their financial obligations. Together Let us Go Forth ~ Juantos Sigamos Adelante will make Catholic education more available to all young people who desire a rich intellectual and spiritual foundation.

What is the difference between these funds and the endowment established at the “Today’s Children Tomorrow’s Leaders” campaign 23 years ago?2017-02-01T17:09:52+00:00

Through the endowment established in the last campaign, we able to provide only a limited amount of resources. The need is far greater, and the current campaign will allow for more than double the current support for the next 20 years.

What is the difference between the proposed assistance and Catholic Education Arizona?2017-02-01T16:26:56+00:00

Catholic Education Arizona is a State tax credit that allows families to redirect their tax dollars to a Catholic school in this Diocese. The Tuition Assistance fund allows principals to work with the superintendent to provide immediate funding for tuition assistance for families that need financial support throughout the year.

My children have graduated from school. Why is this important to me?2017-02-01T16:49:04+00:00

Our children are the future of our society, and their formation in Catholic school is critical to the ways in which they will live out their Catholic faith beyond school, through college, and into adulthood. Although you or others may not have children in school, the students who will be educated at our Catholic schools will become pivotal members of our society who will be shaping our culture and communities for Christ.

Assisting Students and their Families

Every child should be able to receive a Catholic education. Together, let us strengthen our families, parishes, and communities for Christ by assisting those in need.

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