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My Brothers & Sisters in Christ

As missionary disciples, we are witnesses to Jesus not only to our community, but to our brothers and sisters of tomorrow. We are tasked by God, as every generation is, to be good stewards of the gifts that God has given us for both the present and the future.

Many of us have experienced the beauty of the church in our local parishes, Catholic Schools or in the ministries of the Diocese. All of these were brought forth by the sacrifice, generosity and love of generations before us.

Our families, friends and strangers of the past looked toward the future in serving us, knowing they may never meet us. Their faith and stewardship gave us 117 parishes/missions, 28 Catholic Elementary Schools and 7 Catholic High Schools bringing countless people to a personal relationship with Jesus.

It is with this thought that I am pleased to announce a historic effort in meeting the needs of today and tomorrow with the Capital Campaign seeking to raise $100 million dollars to build a strong future for our Diocese.

The following pages outline a plan to meet this vision, that was formed by listening to the leadership in our clergy, religious and laity of our diocese through careful prayer and discernment. Every element of this case has one end result in mind, “To bring people to a deeper personal relationship with Christ, our Savior.” I invite you to join me and my brother priests in this effort to “trust in the Lord with all our Heart” and be of one heart and mind to build up His Kingdom for the Glory of God!

Join me, and Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante!

— Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted